When Should I Schedule My Spring Landscaping?

Posted by E-Landscape on Mar 19, 2015 9:30:00 AM

spring_lawn_maintenanceSpring is a time when landscapes thrive. Cleaning up winter muck and adding new plantings to a landscape design can showcase the appeal of  surrounding structures. Yet, for a landscape to flourish, it must have the proper care and maintenance. It’s important to know what upkeep should be completed and when to do it.

Erasing the Effects of Winter

If you thought ahead, you may have scheduled landscaping maintenance through the winter months. Contrary to popular belief, you can maintain your landscape through winter. Snow removal, winter planting and lawn care and deicing are popular winter maintenances. You may also want to keep an eye on hardscape design to ensure damage didn't occur in any severe weather. 

As the weather improves, the time comes to think about spring services. Your landscape maintenance team can check for and salvage plants that survived the winter. They can also remove any plants or trees that did not survive harsh winter weather. Your commercial landscape maintenance crew can also check for snow mold and handle it. It is important not to prune plants or trees too early, which may be harmful to plants during possible late season freezes.

Think of early spring as a prep time. Preparing for spring planting and care includes cleanup and maintenance of your landscaping. Some of the expected spring care includes pruning, fertilization, pest management and mulching. 

Planting and Adding Color

One of the most popular parts of spring landscaping is adding color to your design. As you begin preparing for spring, this is an ideal time to plant any annuals or other bulbs. This will maximize the impact of your landscape design. Familiarize yourself with the hardiness zone when you are choosing plants for your landscaping. You should choose plants that will flourish where you plant them. Be aware of the following which can all have an impact on your plants growth: 

  • hardiness zone
  • the shade/sunlight available
  • soil moisture

Repairing Hardscapes

If you had a particularly rough winter, you may want to assess your hardscaping. This is important not just for safety's sake, but also for the visual appeal of your hardscaping. Repairing or replacing any damaged stones or bricks can help extend the life of your hardscape design. 


Scheduling spring landscaping is not just about selecting an exact date, but also about being aware of when the weather is beginning to change. This happens around a general time each year, but each season’s length may vary from year to year.

Commercial landscape professionals are well-versed in managing seasonal transitions. Scheduling spring landscaping at the right time can make a difference in the life of your landscaping. 

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