What's Best: Weekly Vs. Bi-Weekly Commercial Landscape Maintenance

Posted by E-Landscape on May 20, 2015 12:00:00 PM

commercial_landscape_maintenanceAs a commercial property owner, you may wonder about the ideal frequency for commercial landscape maintenance. While you want your property to look its best to create a positive first impression, unnecessary maintenance can put a strain on your landscaping budget. Here are some factors to consider about how often you should have your commercial landscape maintained.

Common Frequencies

Commercial landscape maintenance packages usually comes in weekly or bi-weekly frequencies. If you opt for weekly maintenance, you will likely choose a particular day and/or time-frame for maintenance to occur each week. If you choose the bi-weekly option, you will likely choose two days per month for maintenance to occur. For example, a bi-weekly schedule may include the first and third Monday of each month. The services are typically provided the same day regardless of the frequency.

Seasonal Needs

Determining which frequency is best is a matter of understanding how plants grow throughout the year. Grass can become unsightly within two weeks during the height of summer. Consistency is most important. The benefit to opting for weekly maintenance throughout the year is that your landscaping will be maintained during any season. For example, if you run into a week where Mother Nature damages shrubs or other plantings, a maintenance team will be there to refresh them within a couple of days. 

Keep Plants Healthy

If  your commercial property includes a lot of grass, weekly maintenance is especially important. When there is a lot of rain, grass can grow quickly. When grass grows without being cut, it may start to get yellow or eventually, brown.  Brown patches of grass are unappealing for a commercial property and can be prevented with weekly maintenance to keep grass at a healthy length.

Budgeting Maintenance Costs

It seems like weekly commercial landscape maintenance may cost twice as much as bi-weekly maintenance. But yet, grass and shrubs grow out over two weeks. This means that bi-weekly maintenance appointments may last longer than weekly appointments. This could be costly if you are paying for bi-weekly services at an hourly rate. 

Weekly Maintenance Tasks

Some maintenance should be on a weekly basis - mowing, pruning, blowing and picking up debris are all weekly tasks. Weekly irrigation systems checks are also recommended to ensure that the system is working properly.

Professional Commercial Landscape Maintenance Services

Now that you understand how often commercial landscape maintenance is needed, you may find yourself looking for a partner that can handle the needs of your commercial property. E-Landscape offers landscape maintenance packages for commercial properties in the mid-Atlantic region. Contact us today for a quote! 

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