How Can Rainwater Harvesting Benefit My Landscaping?

Posted by E-Landscape on Jun 11, 2014 6:40:51 AM

In its most basic form, rainwater harvesting is simply the process of collecting and depositing rainwater before it meets an aquifer. If intelligently done, rainwater harvesting can have benefits for your irrigation system and garden.

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What are the different types of mulch for landscaping?

Posted by E-Landscape on Jun 4, 2014 8:49:40 AM

Mulch can add to your landscaping efforts by going directly on top of existing soil and providing an array of benefits. Properly applied, mulch can help to conserve moisture, enhance the fecundity and general health of your soil, limit the growth of weeds and greatly improve the aesthetics of your outdoor garden.

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Product Spotlight: Artificial Pet Lawn

Posted by E-Landscape on May 21, 2014 7:25:44 AM

If you have a pet there is a big chance it spends some of it's time outside. Living in a home with small outdoor spaces can make this challenging, especially when your pet needs to use the bathroom outdoors. You may also have a bigger yard however finding the time to take care of may be near impossible. No matter whether you have a small courtyard, a large yard or a green roof, there are solutions that can help make life easier for both you and your pet. Artificial turf is one of these solutions.

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Fall Aeration and Turf Over-Seeding

Posted by E-Landscape on Nov 14, 2011 10:42:24 AM

Achievement of a healthy lawn for next year begins in the fall of the previous year. Proper aeration and over-seeding helps relieve compaction in the soil from the hot summer months to allow for better retention of moisture, nutrient retention in the soil, and seed to soil contact for over-seeding. Unlike warm season grasses, cool season grasses such as fescue, rye and bluegrass do not spread. Over-seeding provides new seed to help repair stress damaged areas from the hot summer season and will provide a lush thick lawn for the following year.

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The Benefits of Late Fall Fertilization

Posted by E-Landscape on Nov 14, 2011 10:28:29 AM

Late season Nitrogen Fertilization or simply late fall fertilization is one of the more overlooked treatments of turf. Late fall fertilization has many benefits as with any fertilizer or application. A high nitrogen fertilizer applied once the grass has stopped growing ensures color retention throughout the winter months and into the early spring. When incorporated into a complete turf care program, late fall fertilization also helps to ensure that newly established seed from earlier fall over-seeding has established root systems and reduces the chance of snow mold and winter burn.

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Top Dressing Your Turf

Posted by E-Landscape on Nov 14, 2011 10:07:56 AM

Topdressing your turf with an organic based compost is not only a cost effective method to restoring stressed turf due to heat, long periods of drought, or compaction, it helps replenish valuable nutrients that are essential to a healthy lawn. Topdressing is usually performed in the fall months or early spring on areas of turf that have been damaged or stressed due to compaction, loss of nutrients, and poor soil pH. While most landscape recommendations include working organic matter into the soil before planting or digging, topdressing can be performed once turf is established without killing or damaging the existing turf.

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Bay-Friendly Turf Maintenance

Posted by E-Landscape on Apr 14, 2011 5:02:39 PM

Here at E-Landscape Specialty Solutions, we feel a strong sense of responsibility to act as guardians of our landscape. We implement sustainability in the work we do, the office we work in, the strategic direction we follow, the relationships we develop and the way we live our lives. Our vision is to design, implement and care for creative, environmentally sustainable landscapes that, where possible, will improve the immediate and greater environment.

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