Why Fall is the best time of year for planting and seeding

Posted by E-Landscape on Nov 5, 2014 5:34:47 AM

When many people think of planting and landscaping and the type of work involved, they automatically think of spring. In reality there are plenty of things that can be done for your outside area in the fall. Fall is an especially good time for planting and seeding and there are several advantages to choosing this time of year to enhance your landscape.

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Why you should prepare your commercial landscaping for winter

Posted by E-Landscape on Oct 29, 2014 8:45:23 AM

It is tempting to let your commercial landscaping maintenance go once fall arrives. The thought of winter arriving and knowing many plants will likely die off soon enough is a common mindset, however preparing your commercial landscaping for winter, can make all the difference come spring. By protecting and preparing your landscape design for cooler weather, you can be sure that when temperatures warm up again, your landscaping is ready to grow and thrive. Here are some reasons to consider commercial landscaping maintenance and winter preparation.

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How Landscaping Affects LEED Certification

Posted by E-Landscape on Oct 15, 2014 8:26:01 AM

If you are looking at LEED certification for your new or existing building, you may want to consider the part landscaping has to play in this certification. LEED or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification, is a process that is aimed to promote green building design. Therefore it makes sense that a building's landscape would contribute to the certification.

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How to Prep Your Landscape for Cold Weather

Posted by E-Landscape on Sep 24, 2014 5:47:25 AM

With colder weather on its way, you may be thinking about how to protect landscaping from the bitter cold and elements that winter inevitably brings and prepare for spring ahead of time. There are things you - or your commercial landscape maintenance crew - can do to help make sure that your landscape will be ready when the warmer weather hits.

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What are the different types of mulch for landscaping?

Posted by E-Landscape on Jun 4, 2014 8:49:40 AM

Mulch can add to your landscaping efforts by going directly on top of existing soil and providing an array of benefits. Properly applied, mulch can help to conserve moisture, enhance the fecundity and general health of your soil, limit the growth of weeds and greatly improve the aesthetics of your outdoor garden.

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Product Spotlight: Fire Pits

Posted by E-Landscape on May 8, 2014 6:00:12 AM

Contemporary fire pits are pre-fabricated and can be purchased from hardware stores. In its most basic form, however, a fire pit is simply an artificial hole dug into the ground. One step up from this very basic design would be a structure constructed from bricks or stones. A fire pit can set off your outdoor decor by combining the best elements of masonry and stonework to really spoil your guests.

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Maryland's Climactic Zone and Spring Planting

Posted by E-Landscape on Apr 2, 2014 11:31:03 AM

For anyone thinking about adding some landscaping to improve your property it is a good idea to know what climactic zone you are in. Paying attention to your climactic zone and using plants that thrive in your area can mean the difference between success and failure when it comes to growing plants for your landscaping. Of course, your landscape professional can always help you decide on appropriate plants. But if there are some plants you have in mind, determining the zone you are in can be helpful.

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Landscaping Creates Serene Environment at New Hospice of the Chesapeake Campus

Posted by E-Landscape on May 8, 2013 4:52:48 AM

Courtesy Image

Hospice of the Chesapeake is a great local organization that provides much-needed health care services for people with advanced illnesses. Recently, Hospice of the Chesapeake had the opportunity, as a result of an anonymous donation of $2.3 million, to expand its area presence with the addition of a new campus located at 90 Ritchie Highway in Pasadena. When it opens, the new campus will include buildings housing the administrative offices, an educational conference center, grief counseling, crisis intervention and a host of other programs. The Pasadena campus will greatly expand Hospice of the Chesapeake's ability to serve the community.

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Landscaping for St. John's College Hodson House

Posted by E-Landscape on Oct 3, 2012 5:37:27 AM

Fall is a beautiful time of year to be outdoors working on landscaping projects. The team here at E-Landscape is particularly enjoying working on the landscaping for the new Hodson House at St. John's College in Annapolis. Part of the school's 2010 Campus Master Plan, Hodson House will provide the school with a multi-purpose classroom and faculty and administrative offices.

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Annapolis Rose Garden

Posted by E-Landscape on Feb 5, 2012 8:03:22 AM

This winter, the crews at E-Landscape have been busy working on further defining a client's side yard from a turf area into a formal rose garden. The space is accessed from the dining room via french doors and steps that lead down to the garden area. The garden's central axis is framed with Hick's Yews, an upright evergreen shrub which forms a hedge separating the front lawn from the rose garden. A new, interior, circular planting bed will be home to the owner's choice of hybrid tea roses (a long standing passion) and gravel paths will lead guests and gardeners through the space and down steps to the backyard. The path will be defined with steel edging along the perimeter to contain the gravel surface and maintain the perfect arc in the very formal space.

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