3 ways to avoid scope gaps with commercial landscape contractor

Posted by E-Landscape on Dec 17, 2014 7:05:46 AM

Any successful business transaction requires effective communication. In commercial landscaping, one aspect of transparency is knowing the scope of a project, which means clearly outlining your needs and budget, and then communicating and negotiating with the business you hire to get the job done. Without fine-tuning the scope, you can end up with unwelcome surprises, usually ones that have to do with time, money and how things are done, or not done. That gap between what you expect and what actually happens (also known as the scope gap), is something you want to avoid.

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Residential vs. Commercial Landscape Contractors: What Is the Difference?

Posted by E-Landscape on Nov 15, 2012 8:59:09 AM

Most landscape contractors provide a variety of services and do work for residential and commercial clients. Here at E-Landscape, we've chosen to focus on providing commercial-only landscape design, installation, and maintenance services. One of the questions we frequently get is "what is the difference between a regular landscape contractor and commercial landscape contractor?" We thought we'd provide the answer right here on our blog!

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Design-Build for Johnson Towers Senior Living

Posted by E-Landscape on Dec 22, 2011 9:37:11 AM

E-Landscape recently completed work on a design-build project at the Johnson Towers Senior Living Community in Washington, DC. Johnson Towers is an independent living community that includes housing for 55+, home ownership in retirement communities, and senior apartment rentals. They provide safe and easy-maintenance living for seniors who can still live independently, and enjoy engaging in social activities with other seniors.

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American Trucking Association Project Update

Posted by E-Landscape on Dec 10, 2011 9:15:56 AM

Earlier this year, we blogged about some tree planting we were doing at the Washington, DC headquarters of the American Trucking Association. The job is now complete and we've got the "after" photos to share with you!

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Fall Aeration and Turf Over-Seeding

Posted by E-Landscape on Nov 14, 2011 10:42:24 AM

Achievement of a healthy lawn for next year begins in the fall of the previous year. Proper aeration and over-seeding helps relieve compaction in the soil from the hot summer months to allow for better retention of moisture, nutrient retention in the soil, and seed to soil contact for over-seeding. Unlike warm season grasses, cool season grasses such as fescue, rye and bluegrass do not spread. Over-seeding provides new seed to help repair stress damaged areas from the hot summer season and will provide a lush thick lawn for the following year.

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The Benefits of Late Fall Fertilization

Posted by E-Landscape on Nov 14, 2011 10:28:29 AM

Late season Nitrogen Fertilization or simply late fall fertilization is one of the more overlooked treatments of turf. Late fall fertilization has many benefits as with any fertilizer or application. A high nitrogen fertilizer applied once the grass has stopped growing ensures color retention throughout the winter months and into the early spring. When incorporated into a complete turf care program, late fall fertilization also helps to ensure that newly established seed from earlier fall over-seeding has established root systems and reduces the chance of snow mold and winter burn.

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E-Landscape Heads to New Jersey

Posted by E-Landscape on Oct 11, 2011 11:44:54 AM

Although most of our work is located in the mid-Atlantic region, E-Landscape is able to provide commercial landscaping services in a much broader geographic area. A great example of this is our work on the Washington Dodd Apartments in Orange, New Jersey.

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Design-Build for The SeVerna Affordable Housing Community

Posted by E-Landscape on Oct 11, 2011 11:26:49 AM

As we head into fall, the team here at E-Landscape has completed work on the design phase of the landscaping for The SeVerna, a 60 unit affordable housing community in Washington, DC. The SeVerna will consist of a five story building along First Street NW, connecting to two-over-two townhouses along L Street NW. The entire SeVerna project incorporates sustainable design principals.

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