Landscaping an Apartment Building Pool: Factors to Consider

Posted by E-Landscape on Apr 10, 2015 9:22:06 AM

Courtyard_1If the pool on your commercial residential property is lacking the right landscaping, there are several factors to consider. Getting your landscaping correct can make all the difference when it comes to providing your tenants with an enjoyable outdoor living space.

What to Consider when Landscaping an Apartment Building Pool


When it comes to a pool area, large trees that provide shade are a good idea. The hard part is finding a balance between providing shade and finding trees that won't throw too many leaves, seeds, and pods into the pool. If there is space it is a good idea to plant large trees away from the pool itself. Large trees are not just handy for shade, they can also be a sound buffer between the pool area and any surrounding buildings.


Residents love outdoor spaces, but they also enjoy their privacy. You don't want your pool to be visible from the street and you will want to provide private spaces within the pool area itself. You can do this by using low shrubs to provide privacy in the pool area.  This will provide semi-private areas for residents to relax and chat with friends. The low shrubs can also help block sight lines from busy roads so that residents can relax without feeling like they are being glared at by everyone passing by.


It is important that your pool be secure itself, this might involve a completely gated area with keypads. You also want your residents to feel secure whilst they are using the pool area, especially at night. Outdoor landscape lighting can provide enough light for safety, without blinding everyone that lives around the pool. Lighting within the pool itself is a good idea, especially if combined with evenly spaced lighting throughout the pool's landscaped areas.

Low Maintenance

Plants and trees surrounding the pool will do best if they are native to the area. Native plants are quite often lower maintenance and can take a little more traffic. If your landscape design includes native plants, shrubs, and trees, you can provide an attractive area for guests that is low maintenance. 

Don't forget any hardscaping surrounding the pool. This should be an easy to care for product such as brick, stone, or tile, that does not get too slippery, and is also low maintenance. 


It is important that any landscaping gets the right kind of water. An irrigation system on a timer will make sure that your plants get watered properly. You can set the timer to have the irrigation system do it's work on a daily basis before residents can access the pool. 

If you are building an apartment complex, or you currently manage or own one, and you are looking for ways to improve your property's landscaping, contact the team at E-Landscape Specialty Solutions. Our qualified team of landscape professionals can help you plan, build, and maintain beautiful landscaped areas throughout your property. 

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