3 Ways Protect Your Commercial Landscape from the Winter Thaw

Posted by E-Landscape on Mar 4, 2015 3:47:48 PM

winter_thawContrary to the weather as of late, winters end is near. With that, it is almost time to stop worrying about ice and snow, and to start considering ways to prepare for the spring. While you may appreciate the warmer days; warmer days and cold nights can play havoc with your landscaping. Here are three ways to help protect your commercial landscape from the full brunt of the early spring’s thaw and freeze cycle.

Think about your trees

Protecting your trees from the cycle of freezing and thawing is very important for their well-being. When it is warm during the day, a tree’s cells become active, but once the sun goes down, and the temperature drops, the cells revert back to inactivity. This daily change in cell activity can cause trees stress and may cause damage.

There is an easy solution for this problem. Wrapping your trees with white tree wraps can help retain a portion of the heat generated though out the day. This heat is then released during the night and protects the tree from refreezing. 

Keep an eye on your grass 

As the snows melt, grassy areas can become waterlogged. You will need to watch to make sure these areas are draining properly to prevent any larger problems. Keep an eye out for snow mold which can form if snow remained on the ground for several months. If you notice any sign of mold on your grass, it needs to be treated with fungicide as soon as possible. 

Posting signs forbidding walking on the grass of your commercial landscape during this time of the year is a great idea. Excessive foot traffic on wet grass can spread leftover salt or de-icers used during the winter. In addition, foot traffic can easily kill the tender grass shoots just breaking through the ground, especially if they freeze overnight. 

Inspect your brickwork and masonry for signs of cracking

When brickwork or masonry becomes damp from the winter daytime thaw, but then has a chance to refreeze during the colder nighttime temperatures, excessive cracks and damage can occur. After each freeze, cracks become larger. It is essential to catch any small amount of damage before it becomes too big to deal repair and requires an expensive replacement.

The thaw-freeze cycle also affects cement, pavers and drainage systems, so it is worthwhile to inspect these parts of your commercial landscape at the same time.

Keeping your commercial landscape looking great does not have to be difficult. If you lack the time or experience to keep up the maintenance on your property, a professional commercial landscape service is solution you may want to consider. 

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